Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lamborghini Aventador Red bull (no wings)

Lamborghini Aventador Red bull (no wings) - The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show as a replacement for the Gallardo, which had served as an iconic supercar for a decade. The Lamborghini Aventador Engine is no rehash of the Murcielago -- it has an entirely new, lightweight 12-cylinder engine still positioned in the rear, in front of the axle. The high horsepower is coupled with 509 lb-ft of torque and the new Independent Shifting Rods 7-speed transmission.

A chewy question to begin with. Is it heresy to suggest that the car you’re currently looking at, the new Lamborghini Aventador, is... well, too smooth? Has Lambo, traditionally the last ones holding court at the bar while everyone else has called it a night, finally – whisper it – grown up?

Not exactly. As you’re about to find out, the 691bhp Aventador (pronounced ‘event-a-door’, with the emphasis on the first syllable) is a huge leap forward for a company whose flagship model has used an evolution of an engine that first appeared in the middle of a Lambo the same year The Beatles went psychedelic.

All Lambos look pretty much the same and they’re all quite fast. The Aventador might not be a quantum leap in innovation like how the Ferrari F40 did back in its day, but I wouldn’t complain if someone offered me a ride in one.


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