Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Bentley Ice Speed Record Supersports

New Bentley Ice Speed Record Supersports - Bentley has announced its most potent and radically styled convertible ever - the 202mph (325km/h) Bentley Supersports 'Ice Speed Record' convertible. This new model, limited to just 100 cars worldwide, is a celebration of the Company's world ice speed record set two weeks ago by Finland's four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen in a Bentley Continental Supersports convertible.

It’s got Bentley’s FlexFuel 6-litre, twin turbo W12 engine, which runs on either petrol, E85 bio-ethanol (means less emissions) or any mixture of the two. It produces 631 bhp, which gets it to 60mph in 3.8 seconds and 100mph in 9.5.  Considering it weighs 2850kg – roughly the same as a cathedral – that’s absolutely staggering performance.

The non-Mulliner Continental Supersports ISR, launched at the Geneva motor show back in March, is just as fast and it doesn’t have the stickers. It’s got the same colour options - Beluga, Quartzite and Arctica White – and you get all-black wheels instead of the red ones. You don’t even have to pay extra - both versions cost a paltry £189,300.


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